An Open Letter to Boardgames

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There are so many people who still haven’t discovered how wonderful and exciting you are.

Shelves full of cardboard boxes filled with love and passion, hard work, creativity and fun, that once upon a time, I didn’t even know existed. How many memories you have helped create and all of the life long friendships that have formed because of you.

You see, you are more than just a game, an activity, a source of entertainment. You are the centre of a community. People gather round all over the world to celebrate you, with conventions and meet ups and parties. Thousands of people travel all over the world to gather round and share their passion, that passion is YOU.

People dedicate hours of their time playing different types of games. People spend their time collecting you, researching you, weekends dedicated to spending time with their loved ones sat at a table with you, sharing a glass of wine, or a comforting meal, accompanied by laughter and joy.

There are wargames, there a miniature games, there are euro games and the list just goes on. There are so many games and there is something for everybody, no matter what they love. You bring people together. You are a common language that people from all backgrounds can speak. You bring people together.

People pour their heart and soul into designing you, illustrating you and making sure you are perfect so that you able to bring joy to many!

You also help so many people who live with mental illness. You provide tools to give people confidence, you help people with anxiety connect with others, you help those who don’t always have the confidence to find a voice. You’ve helped people connect and share their passion. You provide an escape. You transport people to different planets or different worlds that we can just get lost in for a little while.

You are a safe space that people can come to when they’ve had a rough day. You are comfort. You are laughter. You are friendship. You help families connect. You make holidays special.

Your are education.  You have a place in so many classrooms around the world, you take part in lectures, you teach people about wars and history and science. But the most important thing is that you teach people how to solve problems, how to make decisions. How to be part of a team.

If you had told me once upon a time, that boardgames would change my life, I would never have believed you.

And from all of us, we are thankful.

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