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Who ever thought that the world ending would look so beautiful?

Generally, when writing a Kickstarter preview, I talk a lot about gameplay so that you can get a feel for the game, a bit about theme and  tell you what I think of the game and if I like it or not in its current state.

When talking about Dreams of Tomorrow, I initially want to talk about theme, I need to SHOUT about it. We are at a time in board games where a lot of themes have been explored, actually, most themes have been explored and executed,  sometimes in a great way, sometimes not. Dreams of Tomorrow is not just a board game in my opinion, but a game in the next wave of awesome, different and  captivating games with  and that is something worth shouting about. Exploring different themes and ideas and piecing them together in an out of the ordinary way.


You see, during the game, you’re a dream engineer, trying to catch dreams and piece them back together. Why? The world is ending, there’s been an apocalypse and to stop the worst from happening, it’s YOUR job to save it. It’s a pretty big responsibility but a fun one, too!  You  must  intertwine memorable  and  powerful  dreams  in  order  to  change the present. by entering the collective conscious of the world. Throughout the game, you’re going to be piecing together a dream sequence and whoever creates the best dream sequence, wins. It’s a beautiful twist on the usual sci-fi  inspired game packaged in a stunning box with this hazy, mysterious, captivating artwork.

Dreams of Tomorrow is a game for one to six players and although you may help some of your opponents during the game, it’s a competitive game filled with set collecting and constructing colourful and powerful dreams. 

Gameplay  takes  place  over  a  series  of  rounds,  where you will move  around  the  Collective  Consciousness  which is a set  of  four Consciousness Fragments Cards  that  make  up  the  8  location  spaces and  then you will take the action that you end your movement on. Actions include gaining hope, experience, creativity, or resources.  During the game, you will use the experience to move dreams into your dream catcher, where you will weave the dreams with hope and creativity and complete dream sequences. Every ounce of this game is clever and innovative and put together in a way that draws you in. Collecting dreams and going back in time to help prevent the end of the world is my new favourite theme. After Fire In The Library, I wasn’t sure if Weird Giraffe games could pull of something new and exciting again but they did it. 


In Dreams of Tomorrow, there really is something for everybody! When you’re experiencing a dream, you can’t always fully control what happens in that dream. The same thing applies when you’re constructing dreams so there is a mode called The Pleasant Night that allows for that. I love this, it helps make the game thematic and adds another layer of awesome and strategy to the game. In the Pleasant Night, only the current player can make changes to the Collective Consciousness.  This  is  suggested  for  the  first  few  playthroughs of Dreams  of  Tomorrow. 

There’s also another mode called The  Troubled  Night Mode adds  in  the  Night  Mare,  who  changes  how  the Collective  Consciousness  is  laid  out  and  can  move Dreams to  the  Discard pile. This  Mode  is  perfect for  people that to add more strategy to their game and create a challenging experience for everybody, full of chaos! 

Overall, Dreams Of Tomorrow is the full package and a game that the whole team should be proud of. I love games that are all singing, all dancing, huge minis, a million pieces and they can be incredible sometimes but nothing beats a simple but clever game. A game that is so strong in design, that it does all the talking. The gameplay is based on using symbols on the cards to take actions which I really love and I think it makes the game super accessible over time and the extra modes give the gameplay tons of depth. 

For full play through information and the Kickstarter page, you can click: HERE!



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