Hero Master: An Epic Game Of Epic Fails [Kickstarter Corner]

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Hey you, yeah you. Do you want a game that takes the fantasy genre, flips it on it’s head, shakes it up a little bit then adds a splash of humour and some super awesome artwork? Well, look no further. Hero Master: An Epic Game Of Epic Fails is here to save the day!

Designed and illustrated by Jamie Noble Frier, Hero Master is a genius game that takes an adventuring game and really does spin it on it’s head. You’ll be fighting monsters, collecting treasure and trying not to the best, kind of…


At the beginning of the game, you’ll randomly be assigned a race. You could be a human, elf, halfling or dwarf. There are also different classes in the game such as  You’ll get a stack of action cards, including your equipment, armour and, weapons that you’ll be using to fight off those monsters, then hooray, it’s time to adventure.BMfrb5nQ.jpeg

The game takes place over a series of encounters, where you will stumble upon monsters found on location cards. During the game, you’ll be playing through the location deck until you find certain cards that end the game, these are the dragon cards. Once you’ve played those, whoever has the most gold wins the game! 

First up, you must determine who will be the party leader. This will change frequently throughout the game and will determine who goes first that round. The party leader will choose which monster to fight and which location you will be adventuring in. That crown comes with responsibility!

Then, it’s time to enter a location and TRY to attack the monster using attack and bungle cards. There’s various different cards with different strengths, abilities and some very funny text. Something  I really enjoyed about Hero Master was the humour sprinkled throughout the game, there were a few laugh out loud moments, every time I’ve played this! The ATTACK cards are used to attack the monster and are boosted by weapons during the game, while the bungle cards are used on your opponents to try and help you get ahead! 


Full rulebook: Hero Master: An Epic Game Of Epic Fails

Hero master is a true winner in my opinion. I was genuinely surprised when I sat down to play it for the first time. Not because I doubted the designer at all but because of, and wait, I know this might sound silly, the amazing artwork and funny flavour text throughout the game. It looks great, it feels great to play and I walked away from the game, really thinking about what I had just played and why I had enjoyed it so much. I enjoyed so much because it was silly and clever and wonderful.

Every single card had so much care and consideration poured into it. Every action perfectly tweaked to make you laugh, or think, or scowl at your opponents and the shear love and hard work that has been put into this project is just mind blowing.



Hero Master: An Epic Game Of Epic Fails is currently on Kickstarter and you can find the campaign, here: Kickstarter