Terrors of London, Spine Chilling Deck-Building [Kickstarter Corner]

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Terrors of London is a 2-player deck-builder with a difference. Playing the role of an Overlord, with your own special ability and two unique influence cards in your hand, you’ll add Beasts, Mortals, Spirits and Undead factions to your deck. During the game, you’ll be forming different hordes to create powerful card combinations and help you claim a terrifying victory.  


Terrors of London is this clever deck-builder, drenched in this fascinating theme that shines through in every single card. The overlords are scary, the monsters are terrifying and the artwork is to die for.

The cleverly constructed really make this game stand out, being a deck-builder, you would hope so but they can be lethal. They have so many uses and can be rather powerful, you can use them for points, to create special combos using the Hoarde mechanism as well as having special abilities. Throw in some spooky characters and you’ve got yourself some well-rounded, genius cards to play with. 



Game Overview

Here’s an overview of gameplay just so you get an idea of how the game works.

On your turn, you’ll complete three phases. There’s the Action Phase where you will play cards, use your Overlord abilities, form Hoardes, activate relics, and deal damage. There is then the Clean-Up Phase where you will clean up all of the cards you played during the action phase and then you’ll draw a new hand of cards and end your turn in the The Draw Phase. Taking turns is pretty simple, it’s what you do with the cards that makes this game tense and frightening.

The actions you can do during the Action Phase vary.

  • You can play a card from you hard which is known as the Play Action.

When you play cards, you add a card to you play area from your hand. You don’t have to pay for the card when playing a card from your hand as a Play action however, when you play a card using the Play action, those cards are added to your play area. 

  • You can buy a card which is known as the Buy Action.

When buying cards, you must be able to pay the cost of the card from the coins available in your Resource pool. Once you have purchased your Monster, you put it in your discard pile like you usually would in a deck-builder. 

  • Performing an Overlord Action lets you activate the ability on your Overlord.


  • You can use the Attack Action and deal damage to your opponent.

Attacking your opponent is easy, you use the power from your Resource pool to damage your opponent’s evil Overlord. For each point of power you spend during the action, you can assign one point of damage to your opponents Overlord.

  • You can form or expand a horde using the Horde Action. This is one of the mechanisms that really makes the game special and a little bit different.

You can group monsters to form Hordes that allow you to activate different Horde abilities during the game. You can form new Hordes as well as expanding existing ones to create powerful combinations. This adds a lot of flavour and another layer of skill to the game. 

  • The Relic Action lets you activate a Relic, where you get to use the effect described in the text straight away.


  • Then you can end your turn using the Pass Action and your opponent can now take their turn.

Take note, you can only pass if you have one or less cards in your hand. If you have one card left in your hand when you pass. that card is placed facedown on top of your deck of cards. 

Do I like it? 

The team at Kolossal Games have outdone themselves again. They have taken a theme that could easily just be slapped onto a game and incorporated it into every last detail in Terrors of London


It’s tense, it’s quick and it’s easy to learn and frankly, gorgeous to look at. They have created a game that will stand the test of time, I know this one will get a lot of play because it’s just so addictive and so satisfying. Designers Brad Pye and equally talented Artist, Ryan Pye should be proud of what they have achieved here. 

To check out the Kickstarter campaign, just click HERE!

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  1. This looks really interesting. I love a good deck builder and i really enjoy good game art. I’ll have to do more digging on this, thanks katie : )


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