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Who Are You? by Geoff Engelstein

The Avalon Hill Game Company launched the modern wargame in the 1960’s. And one of their key marketing techniques was to put you in the shoes of history’s greatest generals. Here’s the box cover from 1961’s D-Day:    The font size choices tell an interesting tale. The game title, D-DAY is largest, followed by INVASION GAME. The next biggest is

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Western Legends, Take A Walk On The Wild Side [Kickstarter Corner]

The Wild West, home of cowboys and native Indians, lawmen and outlaws, the gangs and the gunfighters and most importantly, the Western Legends. Kolossal’s first game, Western Legends, designed by Hervé Lemaître and illustrated by Roland MacDonald, combines intuitive and diverse gameplay in a world filled with powerful historical figures. During the game, players will travel across the Wild West, playing poker, robbing

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