It’s my party and I’ll play games if I want to. 

It’s getting warmer outside, people are starting to plan barbecues and social gatherings and late nights of drinking, so I thought I’d go through some of the games that I love to take with me when going to such events. I also have friends that aren’t really into playing board games but are happy to play these kind of games, they are perfect if you are trying to introduce people to gaming or just want a bit of light hearted gaming fun!

Now, I don’t know if these are all specifically classed as ‘party games’ but here we go. 

*Disclaimer – you do not have to be drunk whilst playing these games but it does make it rather enjoyable. 

Seven Dragons 


I’m going to start off with one of the first games that I actually played when I was getting into boardgaming, Seven Dragons.

This game is super fun, light and quick. Great once you’ve had a few too many or at the end of a game night when you want a quick game which doesn’t require too much effort. It’s 2-5 players and you can play a game in around 20 minutes, perfect for down the pub and super amusing! 

In Seven Dragons, players start with a secret goal color from the seven colored dragons and a hand of three cards. The Silver Dragon is laid on the table as the starting card; at this stage it is a wild card. The playing cards feature domino-like colored panels.

On a player’s turn, they draw one card and play one from their hand. Cards are laid so as to connect matching colored panels. The deck also includes Action Cards such as Move a Card, Zap a Card, Trade Hands, etc. The used Action Cards form a discard pile, and the top card of this pile dictates the color of the starting Silver Dragon; once the discard pile has started, the Silver Dragon is no longer wild.

The first player to create a connected territory of seven panels matching their specific dragon color wins.

You can find out more about Seven Dragons here – Looney Labs

Trick of the Rails


I’ve mentioned Trick of the Rails before, it’s so good that I even did a blog post on it – which you can find here TRICK OF THE RAILShowever it’s so good that I had to mention it again!

You may not call it a party game but it’s one that I take to parties, so there you go.

The game is played over a series of Tricks until the players have played all of the cards from their hands.

  1. The lead player can play any card from their hand to the middle of the table, this card will then be called the lead.
  2. In a clockwise order, each other player will play a card from their hand. If they have a card of the same company as the lead. If the player has no cards of the same company, they may lay another card.
  3. Whoever played the highest numbered card of the same company as the lead wins the trick.
  4. Then players will either gain company shares or lay track to railways. Which action the players will take is decided by the leftmost card in the Trick Lane.

The game ends after the final track has been played. Then, before a winner is declared, the value of each companies shares must be determined.

You can find out more about Trick of the Rails here – Terra Nova Games


Fuji Flush


I picked this up at BGGcon last year from the Stronghold Games booth, and it’s been a favourite ever since. Everybody that I teach this game to absolutely loves it and the art work is fantastic which makes the game extra enticing to people that may not generally play games. It’s a great ‘party game’ as it actually plays 3-8 players. It’s best played with 6-8 players and only takes around 10-20 minutes. So perfect for big groups at a social gathering!

Fuji Flush is a card game, which consists of cards numbered 2 through 20, with higher numbers being rarer. Each player holds six cards at the beginning. In clockwise order, players play one card each. If it is higher than another card currently on the table, the lower card or cards are discarded and the players who had played the lower cards must draw a new card. However, if two or more players play the same number, the card values are added together. When it is a player’s turn and their card is still in front of them, they can discard it without redrawing. First player(s) to get rid of their cards wins!

You can find out more about Fuji Flush here – Stronghold Games


Snake Oil


Now, this 2012 Mensa Select Winner is actually marketed as a party game so it belongs here! I once had to demo this game when I used to work for Esdevium and I quickly fell in love. It is branded as a family game and is perfect for that, but I feel like this one can get a bit more exciting after a few drinks. When people mention Cards Against Humanity and ask my opinion on it, I actually direct them to buy this game instead as I feel like it’s a lot more fun and much more imaginative. This one actually plays up to 10 people which is awesome for a party, and only takes around 30 minutes!

In the Old West, the wily snake oil salesman had a special talent, getting the most skeptical customers to buy the most dubious products. Now it’s your turn! Invent your own zany two-word products – Rumor Mirror! Burp Balloon! – and sell them to all types of wacky customers. If the round’s customer buys your product, you win!

To set up Snake Oil, each player takes six purple word cards. The customer for the round draws a customer card and announces it. Inventors quickly combine two purple word cards from their hand to form a crazy new product to sell to that customer. When ready, each inventor quickly pitches his or her product directly to the customer. The customer can end any pitch that goes longer than thirty seconds. The customer decides which product to buy and gives the inventor of that product the round’s customer card as the prize. Inventors discard all used word cards and take two new word cards each. The player to the left of the customer becomes the next round’s customer. Play repeats until each player has been the customer once.

Whoever collects the most customer cards wins.

So, there you have it, a few of my favourite ‘party games’.

Thank you for reading, and let me know what your favourite party games are in the comments!




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