London, 1937 — Intelligence has discovered that Top-Secret documents are missing. So, too, is MI6 Agent Adler. The only clue is an intercepted message: “Trafalgar at seven.” MI5 Agent Gold, Inspector Sharpe of Scotland Yard, and Constable Townsend have been thrown this task: “Find and eliminate Adler.” They’ve got seven hours.

Get Adler! is a social deduction card game in which secret characters investigate each other to unmask Adler. Once the traitor is revealed, the game transforms into an action-packed race against time to eliminate Adler and to recover Top-Secret documents.

  • 4–8 Players
  • 20–40 Min
  • Age: 10+
  • Designer – Randy Thompson
  • Publisher – Caper Games


I was contacted by Caper games and asked if I would like to play Get ADLER! and give a few thoughts on the game, all I can say is that I’m very happy that they did. First of all, my game group absolutely loved this, we played it mostly as a drinking game but there really is no need for booze. It’s a very exciting social deduction games and definitely top of the list when looking for something light and fun to play with a big group. I often find social deduction games to be a lot of fun with a big group so I would definitely recommend this with 5 or 6 players but it did work just as well with 4. Playing with more players gives you access to some exciting cards which I will talk about a bit later on. 

I’ve got a quite a few conventions this year, and I am really looking forward to taking Get ADLER! along with me. I love how portable the game is, it’s very easy to pack when travelling and again, great fun with lots of people. I also love the theme, I’m not usually big on theme and I know I’ve said this in another post too but the art and theme is so different compared to what I would usually play,  it grabbed my attention pretty early on. 

Another thing I loved about this game is how simple and easy it was to follow the rules, I do play a lot of different games, mostly heavier games but I have always been a bit rubbish when it comes to reading rules.Meaning I was so happy when I received the game and saw how easy it was to follow.

This also makes it a perfect game to introduce to new gamers, or as a gift for somebody that might not usually be into games at all. I can definitely think of a few people that would really appreciate this as a gift and this is definitely a family friendly game. My family know that I am obsessed with games and are always trying to get me to teach them some ‘light’ games so this would be absolutely perfect for that too.



Get Adler! is a two part game. In the early rounds, the players will be asking each other questions and studying each others cards to try and identify who Agent Adler is. Part two of the game will consist of player’s trying to apprehend Agent Adler as he tries to escape.

Players will draw one card each turn & play one card for an action. In the first three rounds players will not be allowed to use the “Arrest” card. Starting in round four players will be allowed to attempt to arrest Agent Adler.

As the game continues, players will commit to playing actions during their turn to help try to identify who Agent Adler is. If a player plays a Question Mark card they will be allowed to ask one question. If a Magnifying Glass is played then a player may look at another player’s entire hand. The Binoculars card allows a player to exchange one card in one player’s hand with one card from their hand. And then there is the all important Arrest action.

When attempting an arrest a player will place their Arrest card in front of the player they believe is Agent Adler. If that player correctly identifies who Agent Adler is then all identity cards are revealed. If the guess is incorrect both the player guessing & the player that was falsely accused lose their next turn.

However, if Agent Adler is revealed during an arrest, that player will have a chance to respond with an Escape card. Escape cards will consist of a boat, bicycle, car, bus, or underground, bomb, disguise, & pistol.

When it comes to game end, the heroes win if Adler or all the villains or eliminated before the seventh hour. 

Agent Adler or the villains win if he or any of the villains are still alive at the seventh hour or possess a top secret document. Or, if all Heroes are eliminated. 

Here is a full list of the rules by the wonderful Father Geek: Father Geek – Get ADLER!

Final Thoughts




A truly solid card game, it’s quite light and plays in about 30 minutes which is perfect as a filler or a family game. I thoroughly enjoyed this game and it’s certainly one I’m going to keep on playing in the future and take with me when I’m travelling. The theme is very exciting and definitely adds a lot to the game, I got really into it and definitely did feel a little bit like a villain. I would highly recommend checking this one out.

It is currently on Kick starter, and has funded so go check it out here:  Get ADLER on Kickstarter! and I look forward to playing this game more in the very near future. 

Also make sure to check out Caper Games here: Caper Games

Thanks for reading, and hopefully see you again soon.



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