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What do you buy a boardgame lover? Apart from the obvious.

Scroll on to find out.

Here you will find some of the perfect gifts I’ve chosen whether it’s someone’s Birthday, Christmas, you want to surprise a special someone or you just want to go ahead and treat yourself.

Yeah, receiving a boardgame is pretty awesome but so is receiving a useful. fun boardgame related gift.

Number one – Felt trays by Nettersplay on Etsy


First up are these adorable Felt trays from Nettersplays on Etsy

Any boardgame fan will tell you how much things like this help, having trays to hold game pieces is vital. These are really cute too and you can buy a set of four starting from £16.53 which is a bargain. I would definitely be happy if somebody bought me a set of these. Such a lovely and thoughtful gift! 


Number two – Boardgame Tshirts & Gifts from Geeky Goodiesc4plg6iwqaafpni

Geeky Goodies do a range of awesome t-shirts, as well as cards and  gifts for any boardgame lover. I absolutely love their t-shirt designs and it’s quite an easy simple gift to buy for somebody when you’re not too sure what to get. I don’t know any boardgame fan that wouldn’t be happy to be gifted one of these shirts!


I also love the cake toppers they sell, these would look great at your birthday party or even your wedding. I would definitely have these on my wedding cake, I’m obsessed with them!

They also do greeting cards, thank you cards and posters too. They pretty much have you covered when it comes to boardgame merchandise. Go check them out.

Number three – Boardgame inserts by Meeple Realty18

Meeple Realty make the most amazing boardgame inserts.

Boardgames can contain a lot of components, and yeah it can be very annoying having to organise all of these components every time you want to play that game. Meeple Realty have the perfect solution, they also look amazing too which definitely helps. I would highly recommend these guys and their inserts to anybody looking to buy someone a useful gift, I promise you it will be very happily received. 

If you’re unsure about which one to buy, you can always buy a gift card and have it sent to their email address. I have done this a couple of times and it has always gone down really well.

Number four – Meeple Pillows by Infinite Sinn on Etsy.il_570xn-1138964613_7qyx

These pillows are gorgeous. I like the non boardgame related fabric too, makes them extra geeky and extra fun. I always like the idea of supporting Etsy stores too, it’s great to support people that are being creative and making super cool stuff within the boardgame community. She also makes the most amazing dice trays that would compliment any boardgame collection.


Number five – Niche greetings cards and epic art prints by The Noble Artist on Etsyil_570xn-1095835425_8r9u

Now, these cards will go down especially well if you’re buying one for an RPG lover. The Noble Artist has an amazing range of cards for any occasion, I wish I had found these sooner and will definitely be buying my greeting cards here from now on. I’ve inserted a few of my personal favourites below for you to check out. You can also check out his facebook page here



So there you have it, a mini guide to some gifts that I think would go down pretty well.

Be sure to check out the links, and always support the boardgame community!

Thanks for reading, Katie.